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Wildcat and the acorns
(Japanese flannelgraph with blacklight and piano performance)

  • Date
    August 04 (Sat), 2018
    Starting time at 2:00pm

  • Place
    Kega civic hall in Iida, Nagano

  • Performer
    Kikuko (Japanese flannelgraph, Composition of scenario and music)
    Yoko (Piano, Percussion)

  • Staff
    Tatsuzo (Producer, PA operator)

  • Original drawing for flannelgraph
    Kirakira-nanako (Theatrical group Bee-ple)

  • Admission
    Participation patch for Iida Puppet Festa 2018 is required.

    # This stage is the joint performance by Midoriza and Kazahanaza, and is performed in Japanese language only.